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Buzzsmith is all about working hard, so when a scientific article posted last year about how looking at cute animal photos can actually make you more productive at work came out, we knew that it wasn't just an arbitrary reason why we love scrolling through photos of adorable critters online. As a means to help you all out in being just as productive as we are, take a gander at the latest cat photos below, curated by me, and tell me if you don't productively squeal "aww" in your seats right now and continue that productivity level by sharing these photos with your friend, your co-worker, your family, and that dude trying to get your attention away from looking down at your phone while he tries to make eye contact.
You're welcome.

PS. These cat photos all have a common theme, can you guess what it is? Hint: Miley Cyrus' tongue can't even compete =P

cat, happy, smile

cute cat tongue

adorable cat with tongue out

silly cat face

cat smiling

funny cat with tongue out

cute cat face

cat playing with toy

adorable, funny cat face

funny cat face, cute cat

  • Mary Cooper

    Do you know anything about the copyright of the first picture of the cat scratching itself? I would love to paint it but would need to know if anyone owns the copyright.