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Last Thursday, the #BuzzsmithCrew volunteered at The Midnight Mission- a local downtown LA homeless recovery center that has existed since 1914. After learning more about #TMM through research, we decided to dedicate our Thursday afternoon to volunteering. We arrived on-site and were given a tour of  the facility. #TMM seemed to really stress the importance of not only abandoning drugs and alcohol, but of also living a healthy life. This includes playing team sports, doing yoga, taking healthy cooking classes and receiving job training.

After the tour we began our kitchen duties, which included chopping up some veggies and preparing the lunch for the day. Normally people do not associate volunteering with "fun", however this was exponentially more fun than any of us thought it would be! It was an interesting and diverse group of volunteers and workers and we were lucky enough to get to talk to them, connect with them and have a few laughs. As soon as we blinked the cafeteria was full of people for the meal service. And in no time at all we had served everyone in line.


buzzsmith voluntteer day at the midnight mission

Buzzsmith's Volunteer Day at TMM

The most shocking part for us was realizing how close Skid Row is to the rest of downtown LA. A few blocks north is Little Tokyo and a few blocks east is the Arts District. When volunteering this season, don't just think of it as an isolated area that you only need to see once a year. Skid Row is in the heart of downtown LA. It isn't an isolated area; we work and live right next to it. We are a few blocks away from it everyday and have the opportunity to help everyday.


Thank You Midnight Mission for all that you do!!!


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