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Here is our Round-Up of the Top 5 News Stories of the Week. Check ‘em out!

1. "Google Starts Indexing App Content" (

Some Android App developers are now able to get content from their indexed in Google's search results. This is a big move, allowing useful content from apps that we use everyday to be displayed in Google's search results. This is only available for a small handful of Android App developers, as Google is still testing it. The question is, when will this be available for iPhone App Developers?


2. "Over 5% of Instagram Ad Views Have Led to Likes, Signaling Big Potential" (

Anyone notice the Instagram ads now in your feed? The new Instagram ads seem to popular with users  as "over 5% of the impression(s) [lead] to Likes on these ads," said CEO Kevin Systrom. Some people believe that means big business for Instagram Ads, while others believe that this is a novelty and will wear off. Instead of focusing all on ads, Instagram's next big move may focus more on event and search for location-based images.


3. "Online Advertisers Getting Ripped Off-By Themselves" (

Many advertisers are worried about getting ripped off. Whether is be non-visible ads or below the fold ads. However a study recently released by the IRI revealed that it is often advertisers neglect that leads to bad ads. For example, many advertisers do not research enough about 1. who their target audience and whether that target audience exists on the platform they are advertising on.


4. "Twitter Stock Closes at $44.90 a Share, up 73% on Its First Day" (

As many of you already know, Twitter went public this week. It's share price quickly surpassed the $26 per share minimum the company had set and opened at $45.10 to start the day. It finished right around the same price, at $44.90. Compared to Facebook's public offering, which was hindered by computer glitches that caused the stock price to slide early, Twitter's opening went exceptionally well.


5. "5 Business that Rock Content Marketing" (

We all know the growing importance of content marketing but sometimes it's difficult to define what content your company or your clients should be sharing. Your content can make or break your digital strategy, and content is key when it comes to your engagement. This article lays out 5 companies that are using content marketing in legitimate and unique ways to engage their audience.


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