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Here is our Round-Up of the Top 5 News Stories of the Week. Check ‘em out!


1. "TinCan App Can Send Messages without Internet or Cellular Connections" (

Born from a kickstarter campaign, TinCan is a new Android app that allows users to send messages, even when they don't have service. But when will users not have service?! A prime example noted in the TinCan App's descriptions is concerts. Instead of not being able to contact your friends at a crowded concert, TinCan will allow you to send messages (at a slower speed) through WIFI. The message bounces from phone to phone of everyone at the event. Interesting concept that everyone should check out.


2. "How YouTube/G+ Integration Reignites Debate Over Anonymity" (

As all of you probably know by now, YouTube has began requiring users to sign-in with Google+ before posting a comment. This integration not only forces YouTube users to have a Google+ account, but also takes away a sense of anonymity that the Internet has provided in the past. This article briefly goes over this debate and provides some interesting insights into why anonymity on YouTube may not be the best.


3. "Google Books Ruling is a Huge Victory for Online Innovation" (

Online copyright has been a hot topic since the early Internet days. Currently, copyright rules still have  a few grey areas that many people are trying to bypass. Google has managed to win a ruling where they can now scan books and make them available for the public, without permission from copyright holders. Why? Because Judge Denny Chin, "concluded that the project's transformative use of copyrighted books meant that the use of the books was legal under copyright's fair use doctrine."


4.  "Say Hello to Calls as Conversions in AdWords" (

"70% of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search results." It's no surprise that mobile is playing an even bigger role in search than ever before. And now, Google AdWords is reflecting that. Phone calls from mobile click-to-call ads are now a part of the conversion column in AdWords. Businesses can now understand the affect that  PPC ads have on call conversions.

5. "Studies Predict a Mobile 2013 Shopping Season" (

it's no surprise that "68% of shoppers who own smartphones plan to use them to help in holiday shopping" (according to the 28th Annual Holiday Survey from Deloitte). Shoppers are becoming much more reliant on their mobile devices, and therefore marketers need to be smart when speaking to mobile shoppers. This includes having a responsive website, ability to check store locations, including product reviews and many other capabilities.


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