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Here is our Round-Up of the Top 5 News Stories of the Week. Check ‘em out!

1. "Google Testing Huge Banner Image Ad in Search Results" (

Some Google users have recently seen a change in the ads being displayed at the top of search results. Rather than text ads or PLA's, banner image ads are being displayed at the very top of the search results. However, Google is only "testing" this new ad format and will not be converting to it until more testing is completed. But, digital marketers and advertisers should start taking note of this possibility. Banner Ads will undoubtedly make that #1 spot even more valuable.


2. "Victory! You Don't Have to Shut Off Your Electronics On Flight Anymore" (

Exciting news for all travelers, Temple Run addicts and those who constantly must be monitoring social media! The FAA is now allowing airline passengers to use their mobile devices (and all other wireless devices) during flights. Passengers will no longer have to turn on the pesky Airplane Mode and be disconnected from social media for  hours upon hours. After much debate and a lack of scientific evidence, the FAA is prepared to give airlines the O.K. for this new policy.


3. "Twitter Now Fills Your Feed with Photos" (

No longer do Twitter users have to click on a post to see  pictures (pic.twitter). This week Twitter visually updated it's feed by allowing users to automatically see Twitter pics. So what does this mean for marketers, advertisers & really any business? Start posting pictures on Twitter! But remember, this only applies to pic.twitter pictures, not Instagram pictures.


4. "Don't Use 'Holiday' in Retail PPC Ad Copy (& Other Surprising Optimization Tips)" (

Now that we are entering the month of November, PPC ads will be showing Black Friday Deals and Holiday Shopping Exclusives. Most digital marketers and advertisers have already planned out their campaigns for this Holiday season, but just in case you have not, here is a great article for PPC ad copy tips. For example "Purchase" + "Now" is a terrible combination that most copy writers should avoid. It is definitely worth checking out this article for some insight into the affect of certain words.


5. "8 Shocking Content Marketing Research Findings" (

A study recently released reveals that 56% of B2B marketers do not have a content strategy in place and are not actively developing one. This study clearly points out the lack of strategy and development by B2B marketers, and despite having a slight improvement from last year, they have a long way to go.


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