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As part of our holiday party, the #BuzzsmithCrew spent a day at Disneyland. Most people might think, "Why did you guys spend a day at Disneyland instead of some fancy dinner and gathering at a chic new restaurant?" Well, Buzzsmith likes to keep things interesting. The partners in crime (Gary Lee & Denise Garciano) decided to have the company spend a day at Disneyland, hunting down clues in a scavenger hunt, and ultimately bonding as a team.

The week before Disneyland, competitiveness kicked in. Team members were preparing for the big day by downloading Disneyland apps (Mousewait is a great app for keeping track of how long lines are for each ride) and studying the Disneyland map. Everyone wanted to win, and everyone wanted to succeed.

The morning of, we were split into two teams. After huddling with our teams and strategically creating a plan of action, we received an email with the scavenger list. The competition was on.

Soon we were all wandering through Disneyland, exploring the rides we haven't been on in years, reminiscing about visiting Disneyland as children, and searching for the hidden Mickey Mouses. By the end of the day, we were all tuckered out and craving some of Boudin's world famous bread bowls. They were delicious, to say the least! To end the day as a team, we waited in line for California Adventure's newest ride, Cars Land. And yes, it was epic!

It was a perfect holiday at Disneyland!

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buzzsmith's holiday party at disneyland

The #BuzzsmithCrew at Disneyland


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