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You would think a digital marketing agency like ours would be experts at shopping online steals and epic #CyberMonday marathon sales. Well, we probably are.  But what we are also expertly good at too is shopping the best sample sales in town. Meaning, our town.

Buzzsmith Shops Sample Sale

Courtney, Gina, Grace, Danielle, Denise, Kristin and Laura all smiling ear to ear after shopping the Joie, Equipment, Current Elliott sample sale.

Downtown LA is not only Buzzsmith’s home, but it is also home to some of the most epic sample sales ever. With a team comprised of seven female staff members, we didn’t have to travel far nor go solo to any of the major sales from last month (such as Phillip Lim, Michelle Mason, Wildfox Couture, Joie, Current/Elliott, Equipment, and Genetic… to name a few). After being well-seasoned after this shopping season of back-to-back sample sales, we couldn’t help but notice, how can it be better? That is, how can it be better from a marketing perspective…

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Here’s a list of 10 simple steps on how brands can better market their sample sales (or just about any event):

1.     Prior to the event, alert your fanbase about the sale (good graphic recommended with the right address).


genetic denim sample sale flyer dec 2013

Genetic Denim's sample sale flyer is simple, clean, and has all the necessary info, including what prices to expect!

2.     Here’s a check-list on which platforms brands need to promote their sale on, optional to use all, but clearly use some:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare & Yelp
  • And don’t forget Google +!


3.     After you’ve posted about the event, encourage your fans to share the post or tag their friends in the comments about going together.

4.     Borrowing a page out of Rebecca Minkoff’s sample sale, think about how you can get engagement up by just simple contests like reposting or giving away front-of-the-line advantages.

@RebeccaMinkoff asked fans to regram their sample sale flyer to gain early access to their sale.

@RebeccaMinkoff asked fans to regram their sample sale flyer to gain early access to their sale.

5.     Create an event page on Facebook for your sample sale, much like Mason.


6.     You don’t have to go as far as Lululemon did and created a Twitter account to answer questions about the sample sale, but you can do your own hashtag so that you can track mentions and engage when necessary

Vanessa Mooney sample Sale hashtag discount

Vanessa Mooney encouraged fans to use their hashtag and rewarded them for posting about their experience on social media with a discount.

7.     At the check-out counter (or even at the lines), encourage shoppers to share their experience with that hashtag or to mention your @brandname – you can do this with a simple sign printed out by the table (you know, the one next to cash or credit card sign?) or you can even get fancy & print out a flyer for them to take home

8.     Monitor your brand’s hashtag afterwards to see who made it out with the best steals! These can be a good judge of your audience base and demographics

Equipment silk shirts sample sale

One of our team members scored five Equipment shirts at an amazing price!

9.     Make a blog post about it! Before and maybe even after…

10. Say thank you on your social platforms to the fans who came, you can even ask them what they went home with, or how you’d love to see how they styled their new piece. For the fans who couldn’t make it, ask about which cities you should hold your sale next! Or remind them of the sale section off your website for similarly great deals.


With digital marketing, we’re paid to advise clients on how to target their ads, adjust their email copy, and engage their fans on social to obtain the highest ROI for their spend. So when it comes to real-life, foot-traffic type of sales, and our favorite, sample sales, we pretty sure there’s an opportunity there to greatly improve your numbers as well.  Whether these tips can help you in acquiring new fans, retaining sample sale customers, engaging your most die-hard line-standing fans, or spreading awareness to just about everyone, even the people in awe of how low your friends paid for that amazingly soft silk blouse and comfy stretch denim jeans, we hope you continue to spot opportunities on how to deliver your brand voice to the digital masses.