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Tuesday, the #BuzzsmithCrew went to Pasadena for what I thought was a special birthday lunch for our very own Brian Champlin. Although the outing started off with his birthday celebration, we soon learned why we had ventured out to Pasadena. This setting had been chosen carefully, with a devious plan in mind.

Here's a little bit of background; When our team recently attended the KEEN DIgital Summit, we were faced with a networking challenge. And Brian and I were tied for winning the grand prize- an unknown reward. The tie-breaker? A scavenger hunt through Pasadena.

Luckily, I got a head start on Brian, however I would soon make an unrecoverable mistake that many people make when first entering the digital world.

pasadena scavenger hunt

top left: Mi Piace menu; top right: delicious lunch plate; bottom left: Brian taking a selfie; bottom right: Courtney taking a selfie

I grabbed the scavenger hunt list and my mind frantically looked over the 18 riddles and clues. I quickly ran outside unsure of where to go or which clue to start with. I had no strategy. I didn't take a moment to go through the list and create a plan of action. I just began running from one store to the next and then back again. I was lost.

courtney running in pasadena

Courtney frantically running through Pasadena

Does this sound familiar to you? I had committed one of the most common mistakes that companies and businesses entering the digital world can make; I had no plan. Many people believe that because they don't have a digital presence, they need to create every type of social media account, put together a Frankenstein-looking free WordPress site, and begin spewing out out random content without proper reasoning.

Having a strategy is key for success. You can't just frantically run around the digital world in every direction. You have to be tactical and understand how each move you make will affect each move thereafter and will lead you closer or farther away from your goal.

I was bummed that I didn't win the scavenger hunt, especially when I found out the prize was an iPad Mini BUT I learned a valuable lesson that I can apply to my work. And that is how important it is to stop, think and plan. Had I done this, I would be the one boasting about my brand new iPad! Next time, I'll be ready!





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  • Catherine

    Great article! A Plan in place is a recipe for success! I will share this article with our sales team!