Bugaboo Case Study

the client

Bugaboo is one of the world’s most coveted stroller fashion brands. Its iconic logo and state-of-the-art wheels are commonly seen on sidewalks throughout the world. With an already strong PR and media presence mainly due to A-listed celebrities pushing a Bugaboo, not to mention the growing number of fashion-forward moms and stylish dads in metropolitan cities, Bugaboo is a modern brand that embraces innovative technology and design.

the challenge

In Buzzsmith’s audit, we found that one of the world’s most famous stroller companies happened to be one of America’s least talked about, at least when it comes to who was talking about them online. Traffic referrals to the site were dominated by unknown affiliate blogs and Craigslist postings, while customer service issues conquered Facebook and Twitter conversations. The challenge was not that there wasn’t a high awareness factor around the globe, especially in its founding continent, Europe, but that the engagement factor was underperforming by far in the United States.

the strategy

In September of 2012 the release of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 called for the right timing for Buzzsmith to launch a digital campaign that would elevate the brand’s recognition offline and bring engagement levels to measurable results online. Buzzsmith proposed a blogger outreach program that would not only raise social media mentions and shift the conversation about Bugaboo in a positive light, but would set in place an ambassador program long after the campaign to ensure an ongoing buzz shaped by their ideal clientele.

Give lifestyle bloggers a chance to experience the new Bugaboo Cameleon3 for 30 days.

Eagerness & excitement of bloggers was shown immediately & frequently.

In support of the content, we designed Facebook ads aimed at maximizing the reach of the content created around 3 For 30.

the results

  • 17.8 million impressions were gained in the course of 3 months
  • Prior to the campaign, US engagement ranked 4th on Facebook, after the campaign, US audience engagement ranked 1st beating Europe and Australia where there was an already strong fan-base
  • Leading referring sites to Bugaboo.com shifted from Craigslist Sites to TheDaybookBlog (one of our 3 for 30 bloggers) and Facebook
  • Referring traffic on Bugaboo.com increased by 33% as a result of the campaign
  • Organic keywords for “Bugaboo Cameleon” and “Bugaboo Cameleon 3” shifted from the bottom ten to the top ten
  • Our hashtag created for the campaign, #bugaboocameleon3, was the second most Tweeted topic on Twitter related to Bugaboo with seven of our bloggers contributing to the conversation